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Rescue Resource: Clear the Shelters

For the second year in a row, NBCUniversal and the Telemundo Station Group have partnered together for a nationwide event: Clear the Shelters! Tomorrow, July 23, hopeful adopters can visit local shelters and rescues across the country, where there will be lowered or waived adoption fees and waived spay or neuter fees in an effort to find every pet a home.


Last year, the event helped 20,000 animals find their forever home. Broadcasted and promoted countrywide, 400 shelters throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico participated. This year, we are hoping to beat those numbers! News anchors, animal lovers and celebrities across the country are joining together to promote this event and advocate for animal adoption.

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Looking for a furry friend to add to your family? Find a participating shelter near you and help do your part in clearing the shelters. For my local Connecticut (human) friends, check out this list of participating shelters across the state.

Not looking to add another pet to your family? You can still help out! See if your local shelter or rescue is in need for volunteers – not just for the big event but also in general. Many are lacking volunteers and you have the option to do almost anything, such as dog walking, cat cuddling, and administrative work or event promotions.

If you can’t devote any time to volunteering tomorrow or another day, there’s one simple task you can do: share on social media. Using the hashtag #ClearTheShelters, post local event information to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn…you get the picture. Though you may not be interested in adding another animal to your family, you never know…one of your followers or friends may and you’ll do your part in saving a life.

Did you participate in Clear the Shelters last year, or are planning on participating this year? I’d love to hear your stories!


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