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Rescue Recommendations: Cruelty-Free Products

As mentioned in a previous post, I made the switch to only cruelty-free product over one year ago. It wasn’t a difficult decision to make, as my obsession with the Beagle Freedom Project solidified my desire to cut out anything tested on animals. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find products that are both quality and cruelty-free.

cruelty cutter

For easy reference, the Beagle Freedom Project makes cruelty-free shopping simple! Check out the Cruelty Cutter app. All you have to do is scan a product, and it will immediately let you know if it is cruelty-free.

So even though I am relatively new to the cruelty-free world, I have found a few brands and products that I am already obsessed with. For those who are looking to make the switch, here are a few of my recommendations:




  • Too Faced – Born This Way Foundation – This foundation provides great coverage and lasts throughout the day. I’m planning on trying out Urban Decay – All Nighter soon though, so my top pick may change. However, I am wearing Too Faced as I write and highly recommend it.
  • Kat Von D – Everlasting Liquid Lipstick – I haven’t jumped on the Kylie Cosmetics train yet, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting lipstick, check out Kat Von D’s line. I’ve used “Outlaw” and love the way it looks – and stays on all night!
  • Too Faced – Better than Sex Mascara – After switching to Too Faced’s, I swear I will never use another mascara again. Better than Sex mascara is volumizing…lengthening…anything you want mascara to be.

For a quick grab-and-go, check out e.l.f. Cosmetics. At a great price, you can purchase anything and everything you may need – from foundation and face masks to makeup bags and accessories.  I always have some e.l.f. product in my makeup bag!

Hair care:

  • Paul Mitchell – Shampoo and Conditioner – I’ve tried out many shampoos and conditioners in my quest for a cruelty free one I love, including Not Your Mother’s, SheaMoisture and Lush. However, I always find myself coming back to Paul Mitchell. Whatever your hair type, Paul Mitchel has the right line of haircare product for you.
  • Paul Mitchell – Hairspray – Can you tell I like Paul Mitchell?

General Products:

  • Tom’s of Maine – Toothpaste and Tom’s of Maine – Deodorant – So this one can be a little trickier. Tom’s of Maine does not test on animals. However, Tom’s of Maine is owned by Colgate-Palmolive, a company that does test on animals. I’ve long been a fan of Tom’s of Maine, so this is a personal decision that someone going cruelty-free must make. I’ve always agreed with the stance My Beauty Bunny takes in this situation:

“We believe that supporting animal-friendly companies goes a long way toward the eventual elimination of animal testing. If the parent companies see the successes of their brands who do not test, it’s a win.”

  • Pacifica – Perfume – Perfume was probably the most difficult cruelty-free product for me to find. I’ve always been very picky when it comes to my perfume, so finding a scent I liked took a lot of trial and error. My personal preference is Island Vanilla.
  • Lush – 9 to 5 Facial Cleanser – I love Lush. Straight to the point! I’ve used their Toothy Tabs, Charity Pot, Eyes Right Mascara…you get the idea. However, my favorite product thus far is definitely their 9 to 5 facial cleanser. It doubles as a moisturizer – rub in the lotion entirely and you’re moisturized, or wipe off and you’re all clean!

These are just some examples of products I’ve tried since going cruelty-free. I’m always open for trying out new ones…what would you recommend?


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