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Rescue Resource: National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day! Though I find myself celebrating every day, today’s the official day to celebrate your four-legged friend.

Here are just a few ways you can celebrate today:

  • Celebrate at home. Do you already have a rescue pup like me? dog dayGive your dog some extra love today! Share their picture on social media using #NationalDogDay, give them a few extra treats, take them to pick out a new toy – anything you can do to celebrate them today!
  • Looking to add a new dog to your family? Adopt from your local rescue or shelter. Check out PetFinder to find your next best friend.You’ll save not only one dog but two – the one you bring home, and the one you just made room for in the shelter.
  •  Share on social. With the (unfortunately) endless amounts of animals in shelters across the country, anything helps. There are “urgent” dogs across the country that are about to be euthanized due to overcrowding at any moment. Sharing on social gives them one extra chance at a happy life. And you never know – sharing an adoptable animal on social media could help one of your friends or followers find a new family member!
  • Donate to a local rescue or shelter. Can’t commit to adopting right now? Consider donating supplies to your local shelter. You might not even need to leave the house to gather up the items. So many rescues and shelters are in need of simple things like blankets or towels.

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