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Rescue Romance: Celebrating Valentine’s Day

This time of year, most people are making plans with their significant other – anything from dinner reservations to a fancy vacation. Still on the search for a date for the 14th? Well, don’t forget about your furry friend! Your four-legged pet can be the best Valentine’s date you could ask for (and without any added pressure, because they’ll love you no matter what).

Here are just a few ideas of ways you could celebrate the day of love with your dog.

Cooking for Two

via Pinterest

Planning on plopping down on the couch for the night? Whip up something yummy in the kitchen for yourself, and let your pet clean your plate! Be sure there’s nothing on there that could be harmful, but this is a win-win situation – you’ll get a delicious dinner, and your pet will get a delicious snack!

Even better, check out this list of “human foods” your dog can eat, and see if you can incorporate them into your dinner: People Foods Your Dog Can Eat. I’m sure they’ll appreciate that extra bite you’ll give them (because we can never say no to begging-eyes).

Head Outdoors


Senior couple and granddaughter walking dogs, Norfolk, UK
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I’m “lucky” enough to live in New England, where over a foot of snow was nicely dumped on our doorsteps. However, if you either 1. love the snow or 2. live someplace where the weather cooperates more, put on your hiking boots and head outside on Valentine’s Day! Both you and your dog will get some exercise, and they may even be tired enough to pass out early at night – so you can too (sleeping is a priority). Consider inviting some friends along too – bonus points if they bring their dog too. Puppy friends are the best friends!
But really, it doesn’t have to be a long hike. That quality time with your dog will be better than any dinner-and-movie date you could have with another human.

Toys and Treats

Just as much as humans love to pig out on sweets on Valentine’s Day, so do pets! Now don’t run out and buy chocolate for your dog, because we all know that is a big no-no. However, head to Petco, PetSmart, PetSense (…you get the idea) and pick up your furry friends favorite snack. Need any recommendations? My doodle dog loves bully sticks – just don’t focus too much on what they are (for your own sanity).

The one treat to definitely avoid? Rawhide. Just read this to find out why, and you’ll never put that in your cart again: The Dangers of Rawhide Dog Chew Toys.

Toys are a bit easier to grab, because I’m sure your pet will enjoy anything you buy. Kong toys are basically God-sent, so consider grabbing one of those. Basically this idea is to spoil your pet, because that in turn will make you happy (at least it does for me!).

via PetSmart

These are just a few ways you could make sure this Valentine’s Day is the best day for you and your pet – but really, it’s all about your dog (like usual). How will you be spending the day?


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